Anything, anywhere.

Lendy is the easiest way to make a passive income by renting everyday items to your local community.

Earn money with Lendy.

Generate an additional income stream from existing items around your home by lending them out to a local who needs them. Hello, Lendy!

We’re dedicated to becoming the go-to platform for everyday people looking to rent items from one another. We’ve just launched our minimum viable product (MVP) where you can get started in just four super easy steps!

Create a free account

Post your items

Approve requests

Lend. Get paid. Enjoy!

Our mission is to provide an innovative solution for community members to reduce their carbon footprint, and easily save or earn money.

All the while empowering community and connection.

Hello from the Sunshine Coast locals behind it all.

Kalena Stano - CEO of Lendy

Kalena Stano

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Paulsen

CFO & Co-Founder

And hello to you too.

Hello, mums and dads

Do you still have the cot and a bunch of other baby items in the spare room that you don’t want to sell?

Hello, homeowners and tradies

Want to make back a bit of money on those tools in your shed that you don’t use everyday?

Hello, adventurers

Is your tent, camping gear or outdoor activity equipment not living their life to the fullest?

In a nutshell, it’s all about changing lives with the simple idea of equipment, furniture and appliance rental done right.

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Lendy’s MVP stats since launch.

Registered users
Items listed

Community reviews.

We re-connect communities through collective consumption that’s safe, secure and risk-free.

Stefanie Bamford

“Was so easy (and free!) To list my excess stuff online to make some extra money!”

Jon Last

“The whole process was easy and very straightforward. You saved me having to buy all that stuff myself. Thanks!”

The benefits of sharing on Lendy.


Earn some passive dollars using what you already own.


Create your own business easily and get exposure without investing thousands in a website.


Get a second life out of your unused items and declutter. Rent out what you’re not using without selling it permanently.


Help the community without any risk.

Our values.

Humans first, business second

We serve with purpose and passion. We make ourselves available through human-to-human interactions. We are good listeners, deep thinkers, and empathetic problem solvers.


We cultivate connection and create a culture of respect and kindness.
We want our sharers, borrowers, and wider communities to feel a sense of safety and belonging.

A more sustainable future

We are determined, passionate and vocal about a better way of life. We’re here to facilitate the shift toward collective consumerism… for spending that’s better for people and the planet!

Ready to start making change with each exchange?