Anything, anywhere.

Lendy is the easiest way to make a passive income by renting everyday items to your local community.

Earn money with Lendy.

Generate an additional income stream from existing items around your home by lending them out to a local who needs them. Hello, Lendy!

Our mission is to provide an innovative solution for community members to reduce their carbon footprint, and easily save or earn money.

All the while empowering community and connection.

Hello, mums and dads

Do you still have the cot and a bunch of other baby items in the spare room that you don’t want to sell?

Hello, homeowners and tradies

Want to make back a bit of money on those tools in your shed that you don’t use everyday?

Hello, adventurers

Is your tent, camping gear or outdoor activity equipment not living their life to the fullest?

In a nutshell, it’s all about making change by using what we already have.

We’re a Sunshine Coast-based team of determined humans on a mission to create more opportunities, more experiences, more connection, and more financial freedom for you and your community.

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The benefits of Lendy.

Connect with your local community.

Make money by lending stuff you already have.

Reduce consumerism by product testing + lending.

Travel lighter by lending at your destination.

Save money by borrowing stuff from other people.

Start a new hobby! Hello surfing or cooking.