About Lendy

Lendy – A platform with purpose.

Our mission is clear: Provide a platform that enables change within a consumerist culture. Create an inclusive neighbourhood of sharers and borrowers.

Wondering how to generate passive income with no initial funds?

Lendy can help generate passive income by connecting people who have stuff with people who need stuff.

We’re just a bunch of mates who understand.

Meet the Lendy team.

As a team, we’re just a few down-to-earth homeowners and renters living on the sunny coast. Each at different life stages and with our own unique stories, challenges and daily responsibilities, we share one common concern: life’s expensive, and the cost of living is only increasing.

With interest rates rising, mortgages through the roof and inflation at a new all-time high, we understand that now more than ever we need to find better ways to make money and save money without too much capital or risk.

And that’s what Lendy is all about… we’re for the stay-at-home mum to the expecting couple, the beachside homeowner to the vacationer on the go, we’re the meeting place online that gets items shared between locals and passers-by.

We’re about making change with every exchange by transforming how we spend as a society.

Kalena Stano

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Paulsen

CFO & Co-Founder

Our mission is to provide an innovative solution for community members to reduce their carbon footprint, and easily save or earn money.

All the while empowering community and connection.

Our values.

Humans first, business second

We serve with purpose and passion. We make ourselves available through human-to-human interactions. We are good listeners, deep thinkers, and empathetic problem solvers.


We cultivate connection and create a culture of respect and kindness.
We want our sharers, borrowers, and wider communities to feel a sense of safety and belonging.

A more sustainable future

We are determined, passionate and vocal about a better way of life. We’re here to facilitate the shift toward collective consumerism… for spending that’s better for people and the planet!

Rent equipment, furniture, appliances, or anything you’d like, to start earning money and saving money.