6 easy ways to make money on Lendy (without spending a dollar!)

Download the e-book for making money on Lendy and having extra cashflow for your household using our new platform.
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Making money with Lendy

Earn an extra $500 (or more) per month on Lendy just by sharing the stuff you already have in your cupboards!

Download the e-book to learn exactly how to turn your household items into money-makers for you and your family. 

✔  Learn about the top products listed on Lendy

✔ How to setup and optimise your account to start listing items

✔ Hundreds of ideas of items to list 

✔ Boosters and industry focuses if you want to build your own side hustle or business 

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Hello, Lendy.

There are no scams, MLM, sketchy business deals or sign-ups in this. It’s a pure, wholesome structure that allows you to make money by sharing your stuff.

You list some items that you don’t mind sharing – For example, a mower or baby cot. Someone else in the community wants to borrow that item for a few hours or a day… They organise to pick it up from you (yes, we have all the insurances covered and a handy app that does that hard work for you). They return the item a few hours later and you get money straight into your account – It’s that easy!

The benefits of Lendy.

Connect with your community.

Make money by lending stuff you already have.

Reduce consumerism by product testing + lending.

Travel lighter by lending at your destination.

Save money by lending stuff from other people.

Start a new hobbies! Hello surfing or cooking.

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